Skilled nursing managment

To research and apply management theories to the challenges facing healthcare managers,assess and define relevance to the functions of management. Assignment: prepare a research paper identifying management theories applicable to management function ie plan,organize,control,staffing leading. Research professional/academic journals and select minimum of three references to utilize in the discussion of theory and healthcare management. Assess the relevance and define it’s value. Organization of the paper: identify the management function selected and the type of healthcare organization (or health system) you are addressing. Describe the current management approach and the cost/quality results. Research the latest writings on this theory. Present the theories that apply to this management function within healthcare organization. Describe how the application of the theories will impact healthcare department or organization. Assess the current effectiveness of management practices . Define how it will improve the management function,with the use of the presented theories and how it improve the quality care,total cost of care, and add value to the services. Assess the overall relevancies of the theories and applicability to healthcare management today . Paper should be ten pages double space with apa and bibliography format and three references. Students will prepare an executive summary.

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