Series of Teaching and Learning Activities for Science and Technology

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The chosen school is the school I was placed at for university, which is Mount Annan Public School (Primary), 2567, NSW. The stage I am concentrating on is Stage 1, Year 1 and I would like to concentrate on life cycles e.g., plants, animals (frogs and chickens) etc. MUST USE THE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY K-6 SYLLABUS as outcomes and indicators need to be used.
Craft and technology must be implemented in these lessons as they are hands on lessons and ICT is a huge part of the world now.
All lessons need to be engaging and include all student abilities and styles (need to consider all variables). Hands on lessons are always better than worksheets and booklets and overheads. Use of YouTube is fantastic e.g., ICT and life cycle videos etc.
There is also a checklist that needs to be followed and the example needs to be checked for correction purposes.
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