Selling Financial Services

Reflective Journal Assignment – Instructions and Marking Rubric


  1. Read the section on “Adaptive selling for relationship building” pages 258-279 in the 2014 edition of the Sheridan selected chapters text – ABC’s of Relationship Selling Through Service.

And using this document (see below) complete the rating exercise to determine your own social style: (5 Marks)

  1. see Exhibit 5-6, Page 271
  2. see Exhibit 5-4 , Page 268
  3. Are you an Analytical, Driver, Amiable or an Expressive? Do you agree with this identification? Reply Y/N with 4-5 sentences as to how you feel.


  1. Review the BMO Financial Group’s Role Information sheet for skills and attributes by specific roles and complete the schedule (see below) showing the key skills and attributes for each position. Then summarize the top three skills and attributes and discuss why they are important. (10 Marks)


  1. After doing 1 and 2; now detail how you currently feel about a future in “selling” in the financial services industry. What are your career aspirations? What do your fear/like most about selling? (5 Marks)

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