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Create a procurement risk assessment. A risk assessment identifies threats to completing the project on budget and on time. As you identify risks, couple them to your mitigation and contingency plans that minimize and or neutralize the risk.

Assignment Objectives

    < li>Describe the use of contracting and procurement within project management.

    < li>Manage project contracts and procurement activities from initial planning through contract closeout.

    < li>Employ the bid and proposal process to include preparing RFP requirements, evaluating bids, and contract formation.

    < li>Utilize specialized contracting terms, and strategies tailored to project needs.

    < li>Plan for contract administration, close out and litigation tasks in project schedule and budgets.

    < /ul>

    Other Information

    Individual projects.
    All word documents will contain a standard CTU title page. Standard APA format is See CTU library web site and this course content section on the student portal for an example title page and APA guidance. The length of the written paper will be 400-600 words not counting the title and references pages. A reference page may be required based on the task. Unless otherwise specified, all individual projects will be delivered via upload under the specific assignment/task to the student portal.
    Instructor’s Comments:
    Each student will submit Project Risk register along with risk mitigation results.

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