Secret Project Managment

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Guidelines for the Project Reports
Length and Format: Project must be typed, font 11-12, 1.5 space and one inch margins in the four sides. It can be of 9-15 pages long excluding appendices that can be used for illustrations (pictures, tables, …)..
Cover Page: It consists of the information below and in that order:
* Name of the College
* Number and title of the course
* Name of professor
* Semester and year
* Title of the project
* Name/s of the team members
The Report: It consists of:
1. Executive Summary or Abstract: This is a summary that informs the reader in about several lines what is in the report. It briefly shows what is the problem/application, its significance, what was done about it, and the conclusion. This should not be more than half a page.
2. Introduction: This is an expansion form of the abstract. It shows the background and environment of the problem/application; how the project came about and how important it is to that environment/firm; what is to be done to deal with it (managerial methods to be used, data gathered, references used, etc., ….); and then outline the remainder of the report. In this section references are cited where they are required. This section should not be more than 2-3 pages.
3. Modeling, Data gathering, and Analysis: This section depends on the nature of the application/problem. It may consist of one section or few subsections. In all cases, it is the section where the real research/meat is. In this section it shows how you solved or dealt with the problem. Again, references need to be cited where they are required. No opinion/conclusion/judgment is to be stated without referencing or proving it. This can be of length 4-6 pages.
4. Conclusions or Recommendations: This section provides the conclusions or recommendations of the project based on the analysis of Section 3. These depend on the nature of the project. They can be a set of recommendations to be adopted by the firm as they provide an improvement over what is currently used, the proven value for the firm by using what is in Section 3 to solve the problem, etc.. This can be between 1-2 pages.
5. References: The project must have no less than six reliable and of high quality references. If the references include an official in a firm, then his/her contact information must be provided. Confidentiality can be easily covered by referring to individuals as A, B, C, ….
1.explain what is a secret project like a war secret activity, secret bulding managment,opening new secret project,…….
2.why it is secret.what is the different between normal project management and secret project management?(there is a hole project is secret and some project have a part of it is secret)example
3.stage of project management(4).method or procedures to manage a secret project.example
4. other are organization structure and work structure
5.the plan and schedule of( ..1.human resource and2. natural resource with example) when you can do a secret project and where and how ,the people who you trust and the way..secret finance for some people (activity)with some example..
6.after the plan we take the data that we have.
7. quality assurance see if we are in the correct much we delete and how much more it secret until now?is it the same goal that we need when we start?recovery period
8.difficulties in management a secret project and important of that on the project cost.(in cost-work-plan)with example(risk management)
9.if the secret project available what we will do? …..contingency plan with example
10.illustrate the above through a case of a secret project that was done before like that of Tesco on los angeles. 3 example each has 2 paper
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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