fallow the instrcutions and answer all the questions a detail, going around the question won’t work. At the same, separete the answer questions, so I know with is one, two, three, four. Please don’t mix up the answer questions. Thank you.

overview info

Choose and describe a specific ecosystem.
Describe the location of your chosen ecosystem
List and discuss the major biotic (living) components of your ecosystem. Include a variety of organisms. Be specific (for example, “white pine tree” rather than “tree”).
List and discuss the major abiotic (non-living) components of your ecosystem. Be specific (for example, “average temperature of 85 degrees” rather than “temperature”).
Describe what effects humas are currently having on your ecosystem. You can include positive and negative effects.
Make a prediction about how you think humans will affect your ecosystem in the future.
Give some guidelines or suggestions for how to preserve, protect, or restore your ecosystem. Be specific!
Cite all of your sources (including images!) in APA format.

An ecosystem consists of all the organisms living in a community as well as all the abiotic factors with which they interact” (Campbell & Reece, 2005). There are many different types of ecosystems all over the world. Humans can have a great impact on these ecosystems.

In this task, you will choose a specific ecosystem to research and analyze the impact of humans on that ecosystem. Be specific in your selection. (For example, instead of choosing “desert ecosystem,” select a specific desert ecosystem such as the Mojave Desert.)

Some examples of specific ecosystems are the mangrove swamps of Borneo, the old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest, the Florida Everglades, the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, the Costa Rican rainforest, the ephemeral pools in Canyonlands National Park, a particular lake or forest, etc.

Choose only one and answer the four questions.

Introduces and describes your chosen ecosystem, analyzes the impact of human activity on the ecosystem, and provides guidelines to help preserve your chosen ecosystem. Do the following in your presentation:

1. Describe the specific ecosystem that you have selected by doing the following:
a. Identify the specific geographic location of the ecosystem.

b. Explain the major biotic and abiotic components of the ecosystem.
You will want to include the major biotic components of your chosen ecosystem. You will get a feel for this as you conduct research on your ecosystem. Key species that are indigenous (native) to your ecosystem will be important to list and cover.

2. Discuss the impact that humans currently have on the specified ecosystem.

3. Predict the effect of future human impact on the specified ecosystem.

4. Provide guidelines regarding human activities that will aid in preserving the specified ecosystem.

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