Risk Management

Risk Management
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Risk Management – ACFI5018
Semester 1 2015/2016
Shareholders and lenders, whilst not being the only stakeholders, provide capital to companies because they seek a return commensurate with the level of risk that they are willing to take.
This implies that they expect the executives of companies to demonstrate levels of entrepreneurship and dynamism which will involve a certain degree of risk taking. The expectation is that these risks will be well considered and well managed.
It could, therefore, be proposed that the improved management of business risk will lead to enhanced and sustainable, shareholder value.
It is within this context that Ryanair has grown as a company from carrying 5,000 passengers in 1985 to carrying 81,700,000 passengers in 2013 (http://corporate.ryanair.com/about-us/history-of-ryanair/).

Part A
Using your knowledge of Risk Management, you are required to systematically approach the following tasks:
Identify, using appropriate models/classifications, the major risks that face Ryanair within the foreseeable future. It should be remembered that the identified ‘risks’ may present opportunities or threats/hazards. You should ensure that you present well-researched and well-referenced evidence. (You are expected to present a good deal of research – at least 25 references. You are not expected to over-rely on the Ryanair corporate website and each risk example that you provide should be accompanied by independent supporting references).
(25 marks)
Formulate strategies for taking advantage of the opportunities, or strategies for controlling the threats, that you have identified in Task 1. It would be good practice to number the risks in task 1 and to use the same numbering in Task 2.

i want citation (in text Reference)
When referencing
NEVER reference to Wikipedia, Investopedia, mbaessays.com, chaeatsrus.com etc – these websites are all unsubstantiated – the material on these can be written by anyone – ALWAYS use academic literature (journal articles, text books etc – these have been refereed by other academics – unless you are looking on reliable websites for data and statistics)
If you include a quote in “speech marks” you need to also include the page number from the source as well as the author name and date – no page numbers if there is no quote
All the references that appear in the script should appear in your Reference List – it is not a Bibliography
The Reference List should be in alphabetical order by author surname (family name)

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