Rise and Rule of Fidel Castro

Authoritarian & Single-Party States Research Paper
Instructions:  You will develop a report regarding the rise and rule of one authoritarian or single-party state in the 20th century.  You will select one of the leaders/states listed below (or any other as pre-approved by Mr. Snow).  Your research is intended to allow you to develop arguments based on the material you gather (rather than making arguments in your paper) in regard to the rise and rule of your selection as well as in comparison to Mao Zedong instating a communist regime in China and ruling for decades.  Specific requirements are listed below.
Possible Authoritarian/SPS Choices:
·         Africa:  Kenya – Kenyatta; Tanzania – Nyere
·         Americas:  Argentina – Peron; Cuba – Castro; Dominican Republic – Trujillo
·         Europe & the Middle East:  Germany – Hitler; USSR – Stalin; Spain – Franco; Egypt – Nasser
Content (150 points)
·         Covers all of the bullets listed below with sufficient depth/detail
·         Uses at least SIX quality resources without relying on the Authoritarian textbook for more than half of your material
·         Written with a balanced mixture of direct quotes, summary and paraphrased
·         Specific Research Points
Origins and nature of authoritarian and single-party states (50 points)
·         Conditions that produced authoritarian and single-party states
·         Emergence of leaders:  aims, ideology, support
·         Totalitarianism:  the aim and the extent to which it was achieved
Establishment of authoritarian and single party states (50 points)
·         Methods:  force, legal
·         Form of government, (left- and right-wing) ideology
·         Nature, extent and treatment of opposition
Domestic policies and impact (50 points)
·         Structure and organization of government and administration
·         Political, economic, social and religious policies
·         Role of education, the arts, the media, propaganda
·         Status of women, treatment of religious groups and minorities
Format (50 Points):
·         Title Page (10 points)
o   Title that indicates the leader, country, and something that reflects a theme of their rule
o   Your name
o   Date
·         Layout (40 points)
o   1” margins
o   Standard font style/size
o   Proper ciatations (MLA, APA, Turabian, Chicago, etc.)
o   Proper bibliography in style consistent with citations
o   You may separate your paper by titles that reflect the bullets above.  While it is not necessary to do so, your paper must be clearly organized in some fashion – thematically, chronologically, etc.

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