Review of empire of giggle

It is a business report base on a case study.

As stated the purpose of the assignment is to gain insights into the viability of the Marx family’s entrepreneurial dream, and to determine if they are on the right track.

Your discussion will draw on the weekly boardroom deliberations which will in part form the basis of your narrative.

These deliberations will be augmented on and expanded by your own research and inquiry into the key threads discussed weekly.

Your assignment will expand on any 4 of the following threads discussed in the semester.

The key threads discussed include:

1. Mind and Behavior

2. Ethical and Social Responsibility

3. Opportunity and Creativity

4. Pathways

5. Commercialization

6. Capital

7. Marketing

8. The Law

9. Planning

10. Intrapreneurship

It is decided that in the context of a 3,000-3500 word assignment, covering 4 concepts in depth is not only a practical outcome; it in itself will demonstrate your ability to analyses and adapt theory into a practical environment. However, notwithstanding the in depth exposition of four threads, it is expected that references, where appropriate are made to the other threads insofar as they may impact on the four key threads that you are discussing.

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