Revaluating Bussiness Plan

The paper is for ITM 432 Mod 2 Case. Not sure if that helps. The following information to include the uploaded “background info” need to be used to write the paper. Case Assignment “As your case assignment for this module, you are to read the following three sample business plans: Acme Consulting Interstate Travel Center Silvera and Sons For this assignment I want you think in terms of being an investor and what interest rate you would require on your investment in each of the companies. The discount rate for determining net present value is related to risk in a business and the interest rate charged by investors. The article on buying a business by T. Berry, talks about the discount rate and risk. You want to make sure that you charge a high enough interest rate to recoup your investment and make some money. Remember the higher the risk, the higher the interest rate (return on investment) you want to charge. The background information has further material on using financial data to assess risks and comparatively evaluate the future possibilities for companies. In addition, you may wish to seek out further information through your own research. When you have reviewed the advice and the plans. please prepare a short (3-5 page) paper discussing: Which of these three projects do you think should have the highest discount rate reflecting risk inherent in the business plan? Which one do you think should have the lowest? Please carefully explain your reasoning about each of the three businesses, with reference to the appropriate financial and other information. You do not have to perform calculations or determine a specific interest rate you would charge – that would be extremely difficult in an introductory course. A rating of high, medium and low will do. LENGTH: 3-5 pages typed and double-spaced.

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