Retailing Management – Shopify Project

Assignment #4
Retailing Management – Shopify Project
Group Report and Presentation
Marketing 222 – Fall 2015
35% of Final Grade – 85 marks
(Due Date – Weeks 13 & 14)

Assignment Objective:
The purpose of the Retail Shopify Project is to have student teams (3 per team) apply their course learnings by designing, merchandising, managing and promoting an ecommerce retail location.
The comprehensive project will also help each team gain an appreciation for the various sources of information required to successfully develop or source product for their website, select colour and/or style variations, evaluate pricing strategies and maintain sufficient inventory levels to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

1. Review Assignment Outline and Deliverables:

Each Shopify project team will submit a comprehensive report that will include the following;
(1) Identify three (3) target consumer groups using Environics segmentation prizms,
(2) An explanation of a promotional vehicle, you would suggest, designed specifically to reach your target groups
(3) A detailed description of the purpose of the website
(4) A description of the product assortment including your price point strategy
(5) An evaluation of your inventory management system
(4) Each team will deliver a supporting 15 minute in-class team presentation during week 13 and 14.

2. Report Format Requirements:

1. Your report will be word processed.
2. The report will include input from all 3 team members. Each section of the report should clearly identify which specific team member(s) provided the actual content.

3. It will clearly identify the URL for your website on the Cover Page of your assignment.

4. Your report should be minimum of 6 pages in length which includes a cover and reference page (include your team member names, student #’s, course name/section, professor’s name and supporting report rubric on the cover page – see below). Your reference page must utilize formal APA formatting

5. Your team report utilizes a font size of no less than 12, and no greater than 14 and is double spaced.

6. You will submit your teams written report at the beginning of class week 13 and 14 (dependent upon the week of your presentation.
7. Late papers will NOT be accepted unless extenuating circumstances prevail and the team can provide the professor with corresponding documentation.
8. Supporting report rubric follows. Again please copy and paste this rubric onto your cover page of your written report prior to submission.

9. To start your Shopify account go to

After you have opened this account, you must fill out the following form using your Centennial College email address only. One group member should sign up as a representative for the website and share password access to other team members.

Fill out the following form; 3TboWg_5s2W0kIY/viewform?usp=send_form

The following will give you a guided tour of how to work your Shopify program;

Shopify account:
Password: ZHANGyunfei123

3. Report Questions 25%

Part 1) Environics Target Groups
o In a summary format (1 page) identify the elements of each of the Environics segments you are targeting (3), why and how your product relates to these groups

Part 2) Promotional Vehicle
o Select a Promotional Vehicle that you feel best targets your segements (3). Identify why you have chosen this or these vehicles and how they will effectively reach reach your targets.
(eg) ) 60 second radio advertisement, You Tube Video, some form of social media promotion (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Explain your rationale

Part 3) The Website

o Provide a detailed descriptive of the website and it’s objectives

Part 4) Product Assortment

o Provide a detailed description of your product assortment and explain your price point strategies and how they connect with your target groups

Part 5) Inventory System evaluation

o Evaluate the product movement through your Inventory System maintenance over the next few weeks. How often were products purchased? Were you out of a specific colour/size, etc. How would you change the management of your Inventory System?
o How much product did you sell over the past few weeks, by item/size? (During class time, each student will have time to visit your website and make purchases) You will need to track and evaluate these purchases

Assignment #4 – Retail Shopify Comprehensive Project – Report Rubric

Report Section Report Component Your Mark/
Potential Mark Comments
• Part 1) • Environics Target Groups /5

• Part 2) • Promotional Vehicle

• Part 3) • The Website /10

• Part 4) • Product Assortment /10

• Part 5) • Inventory System evaluation /10

• Part 6) • In-class Presentation /10

• Part 7) • Written Report /10
• Style/Format • Overall Report Style/Format
o Error free,
 Spelling, grammar, punctuation /5
• Visual • Attractiveness of site,
• Engaging visuals, well planned


• Presentation
• As per the requirements of the
Presentation rubric /10
Total Marks /85

Overall Comments:
Assignment #4 Presentation Rubric
Item 8-10 6-7 3-5 0 – 2


Well prepared.
Team provided clear rationale for IMC plan.
Presentation flowed smoothly. Mostly well prepared.
Team provided a somewhat clear rationale for IMC plan. Presentation for the most part flowed smoothly. Not very prepared.
There was not a strong rationale for the IMC plan.
The presentation did not have a good flow. Very unorganized. No clear rationale for the IMC plan. The presentation lacked flow.
Content /Q&A
Team showed full understanding of the IMC plan and answered all questions asked. Team showed good understanding of the IMC plan and answered most of the questions asked. Team showed some understanding of the IMC plan and answered some of the questions asked. Team showed no understanding of the IMC plan and could not answer questions asked.
Creativity of Presentation delivery Team had a very creative presentation delivery. Team showed some creativeness. Team showed little creativity. Team showed no creativeness.
Creativity of Promotional Mix (3 examples) Team had a very creative IMC promotional mix proposal. Demonstrated 3 examples. Team showed some creativeness in their IMC promotional mix proposal. Demonstrated 2 examples. Team showed little creativity in their IMC promotional mix proposal. Demonstrated 1 example Team showed no creativeness in their IMC promotional mix proposal.
Demonstrated zero examples.
Time Management
Presentation was on time (15-20 minutes).
Team utilized 10 slides. Presentation was between (12-14 minutes). Team utilized 7-9 slides. Presentation was between (9-11 minutes). Team utilized 4-6slides. Presentation ran over 21+ minutes in duration.
Or the Presentation ran significantly under allotted time (8 minutes or less). Slides were 11+ or < 4 in #.

The team demonstrated excellent collaboration with each other and showed strong communication. All team members contributed equally . The team showed good collaboration with each other and showed good communication. Most of the team contributed equally to the presentation delivery. Little evidence of collaboration within the group. The group showed weak communication. 1-2 members of team dominated presentation. There was no evidence of collaboration or coordinated communication.
1 team member delivered all of the presentation.

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