Research Proposal

Develop a research proposal (it may be ‘real’ or hypothetical) which would satisfy the requirements of the MBA Project. It should therefore address a practical problem which organizations face.

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MBSWW RESEARCH METHODS Manchester Business School People Management & Organisations Original Thinking Applied Module guide for MBSWW Research methods Course code: BMAN 60527 Module Coordinator Dr Carole Talbot Manchester Business School Global MBA We regret that the authors are unable to enter directly into any correspondence relating to, or arising from this Study Guide. Any comments on this work would be welcomed and should be addressed to: THE ACADEMIC DIRECTOR Manchester Business School Worldwide The University of Manchester Booth street West Manchester M15 6PB © MBS Worldwide Contents PART ONE INTRODUCTION Overview Aims and learning objectives Who does what on research methods? The role of the project supervisor Module reading Assessment How to study this module PART TWO Where to start The project task Finding and shaping the project Using a research diary Working on a group project PART THREE Getting on with it Reading and reviewing research literature Conducting a literature search How to review the research literature Planning a research proposal Working ethically Looking ahead to report writing REFERENCES MBSWW Research Methods 12 34555 699 11 13 14 17 17 19 22 25 27 30 34 MBSWW Research Methods 1 PART 1 – Introduction to the module and overview This module has been designed to support the MBA project process. This module guide therefore necessarily looks ahead to what you need to think about when you are conducting your project for real rather than it simply relating to the taught methods module. Research methods is taught wholly online. Apart from the four live online sessions with your tutors and of course the coursework deadlines it is hoped that this element of your studies provides fl exibility to enable you to fi t your studies around your work schedule. The resources provided via this module guide; the course text, recorded lectures and live tutorials (which are also recorded), will be suffi cient for you to complete the fi rst methods…


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