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How to Write a Nursing Research Paper

Nursing is a discipline which mainly deals with the health and care of the sick in the society. Writing a nursing research paper then represents outcome on a certain investigation carried out thus the research should be thorough and valid. Nurses should then ensures that they do a vast research and present it in a proper writing to make sure their information is well understood. As nursing students make sure you get valid and authentic sources for your work so that your information remains relevant to the society. The following are the steps to ensure while writing a nursing research paper;

  1. Select a Suitable Topic.

In Most cases when you are given a research task, your lecturer will leave you to get a research topic on your own. As a nurse, you have a good chance to choose a topic from the various occurrences in the hospital which leave you asking questions. You should pick a topic which interests you and don’t select a topic because you have more information on it. You have to read on the background information of your topic to ensure you don’t pick a broad statement but a narrow one to remain focused. After getting a topic, review all the guidelines given and you can your lecturer for any suggestion as well.

  1. Read and Research Widely.

Now is the time you are supposed to read extensively and expound on your thesis. Ensure you read resources with information related to your topic in Journals, magazines, books, book reviews and the internet by searching the keywords of your research topic. Remember as a nurse, your field deals with the life of people, make sure you provide valid information which targets the instructor, the society and also benefits them. Your research should be useful to the nursing field as it can be used in future to solve some health issues.

  1. Come up with an Outline

At this time you will write a list of your main points that you have researched on your topic. These points will help you do a deep research on our topic. Your main points will come first followed by your minor points.

  1. Develop a Draft

You can now write a draft of your research from the points and the information that you have gathered from all your resources. Ensure that your work is coherent with honest information and avoid any vague or illogical statements in your work. Make sure that you take into account all the guidelines and instructions by the instructor. You should as well ensure you don’t copy any work to avoid plagiarism. Remember that some lecturers usually request to have the draft presented in class, so follow instructions well to avoid failure.

  1. Write the Final Copy

The Final copy is the work you will present to your instructor so it should be neat and well written. Ensure that you review your draft and present every information well. You should also proofread your work to make sure no errors.

With all the steps put in place, then you are assured of an original and quality nursing research paper that will earn you good grades.

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