Research Paper On Apple company

Writing Research Project Guidelines and Grading Rubric

In this assignment, the student will be provided a topic and conduct factual research in scholarly and relevant sites along with other research hard copy materials. In this research assignment, please follow the structure closely.


The research project will be presented in a research paper using the APA style. Since the APA criteria is worth 20% of the assignment, please refer to the APA style guidelines located in the Tools & Resources Navigational tab. APA will be a critical component in this assignment and will be of great assistance to you, as you move through your program.


Note: No grade will be given if the paper does not comply by the guidelines described within this document. It is imperative that you follow all of the guidelines closely to produce a quality product that you can be proud off and gain additional skills that will assist you in being successful. .



Writing Research Paper


The topic for the writing research paper is:


  1. Apple from 2011 to 2015: Increase or Decrease



Writing Research Paper Structure


  1. Title Page (Include name, date, course name and number, Instructor name)
  2. Abstract (less than 250 words)
  3. Introduction (introduce the topic and on how the research topics affects the environment/elements) (at least 1 page)
  4. Problem Statement (include a general problem, specific problem, and what problem we are trying to focus) (at least 1/2 page)
  5. Purpose of the Study (add that this is a quantitative method and comparative analysis along with independent and independent variables) (at least 3/4 page)
  6. Research Questions (at least 2 questions) (at least 1/2 page)
  7. Hypotheses (at least 2 with one alternative (this type states that there is a difference) and one null (this type states that there is no difference) (at least 1/2 page)
  8. Literature Review (background of related theories and company empirical history that ties to the research topic) (at least 3 pages)
  9. Methods (show the process on how the data is obtained) (at least 1 1/2 pages)
  10. Data Analysis (findings of the data) (at least 3 3/4 pages)
  11. Conclusion (summarize the study) (at least 1/2 page)
  12. Reference Page
  13. Appendix (Supplement information that is relevant to the research)



  1. Refer to the APA guide and example in the Document Tab
  2. All tables, graphs, figures must have 1-inch margins: left, right, top, and bottom. Any tables, graphs, figures over 1/3 of a page long will be included in an appendix section
  3. Citations and references need be retrieved from academic sources. Remember that if there is a citation, then there has to be a reference and vice versa
  4. The maximum file size is 1MB, do not add pictures or any other materials that extend the file size
  5. Minimum page count for the article is 12 pages of text, double-spaced (no maximum page count, the more, the better)


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