Research paper: Computer science

This order contains 3 parts of Phase1 of my project. Therefore 3 deliverable over the next 3-4 months. Writer will have breathing space and that is the idea of placing all these together and will be able to write good paper without worrying about delivering in short time frame.

Time Frame:
a) Phase1-Part1 – Research topic selection – 600 words. To be delivered by 5th march 2015

b) Phase1-Part2 – Deep/advance Literature Review – 4800 words. To be delivered by 20 April 2015

c) Phase1-Part3 – Research Project Proposal – 4800 words. To be deliver by 1st June 2015.

Phase2-part3-6 (remaining part of paper) will be done in next order on the same topic.

—– instructions —–
will be provided in a separate file

Project Topic:
Explore the synthesis (and/or recognition) of a particular speech using deep learning applications

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