Research paper Assignment

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Your research paper should consist of the following:
An APA formatted title page
At least five pages in 12-point font using Times New Roman. Indent block quotes (quotations over 40 words in
length) twice with no quotation marks around the block quotes. There must be a title to your paper.
Your essay should be about an intriguing concept or aspect you are interested in. You need to dissect something
intriguing about your topic. Remember, the more focused you are, the more impactful/powerful your essay will be.
At least four outside sources should be included in your essay with in-text citations. The source cannot include
Wikipedia or any unreliable Internet source. Go to the XX Online Library or a publicly library, and find a book
about the subject or a peer-reviewed journal. Any other sources used must be approved by your professor.
There should be a strong, solid thesis statement (the argument that ties your paper together). The thesis
CANNOT be an obvious statement. There is no point in writing a paper if you are merely reiterating common
facts. You need to be intriguing and insightful in your paper.
ENG 1020, English Composition II 3
There should be strong development of your thesis as well as strong and solid claims.
You should have conducted a careful and focused examination of your topic as well as maintain fluid transitions
between paragraphs.
Think of the questions: Who? What? When? Where? How? Why? Could? And Should? Answer them!
Make your research paper as objective as possible. Eliminate pronouns such as I, me, or you as these will make
you stray toward opinion. This is not a summary of your personal opinion on the topic. Instead, include for a
focused argument or illustration of your thesis. Also, do not back out of your claims by including phrases such as
possibly, probably, I believe, In my opinion.
A strong conclusion should be present touching base with the claims you have made and how you have proven
your thesis.
Make it powerful! Assert your claims but always back them up with sources and evidence. Believe in yourself and
what you have to say.
Have confidence in your papers. Be very detailed as well. The more focused and detailed your writing is, the stronger it is.

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