Research for Writing Evaluation

Detail your experience in conducting research for your first speech.

  • Define any new terms or concepts used in your speech that were new to you. You should also include anything technical, foreign, or new to your audience.
  • Discuss your research. List your sources in the order in which you discovered them. Evaluate them in terms of value to speech and credibility. Note: Personal experience and interviews are valid sources.






Confessions of an Economic Hitman

John Perkins



The Wall Street Journal article

Hersh Silverman




  • Provide three (3) examples of the supporting material you will use in your speech. Supporting materials include Examples, Statistics, Testimonials. Cite from source list you produce for question no. 2.
  • How can you connect this topic to your audience’s own interests or knowledge? What language can you use to connect with them and build credibility? (Example: Using specific words common to their profession or quoting from sources known to them like a professional journal.)
  • Write a two paragraph story from your personal life that connects to your topic and that you could possibly use in your speech (the first time you encountered the topic, an unusual experience, childhood memories). Use the devices described in chapters 17 & 18 (Specific descriptive language, Imagery, stylistic devices).

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