All the requirements is in the documents. I need a report about the experience of my manager night. Our lab is working in the kitchen, and I’m the kitchen manager


  • Sundried Tomatoes with Goat Cheese Spread on Baguette Slices
    • Day of K3 / Salads will prepare day of service



  • Lumpia
    • Before service, K4 / Fry will prepare the Lumpia by completing steps 1-6
    • Before service, K4 / Fry will make sure to have the sauces ready for service
    • During service, K4 / Fry will complete step 7




  • Chicken Adobo
    • Before service, K5 / Sauté will work on steps 1-2
    • During service, K5 / Sauté will heat the rice
  • Grilled Squash
    • Day of K6/ Grill will prepare the grilled squash



  • Casava Cake
    • Prep in advance (on Friday) all steps
    • K2 / Baker will finish production on day of

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