Relationships type of conflict

Relationships type of conflict

When you are choosing an interaction, pick one in which you have a relationship with the person. A situation where you were in conflict with someone on the bus will not work. Avoid picking scenarios in which the situation is resolved and ones that are outrageous or uncommon situations. Avoid interactions that involved drugs or alcohol. Pick scenarios that reflect interactions typical to interdependent relationships.

PART I: Pick a scenario that happened in the last 6 months and that fits the definition of conflict as described in the text on (page 245-246, 255-258 in the 3rd edition). The first part of the presentation will explain the scenario.

PART II: In the second half of the presentation identify the following:
?The type of conflict.
?Power and conflict (symmetrical relationships and complementary relationships, power currencies).
?Your Approach to conflict (avoiding, accommodating, competing, collaborating).
?Conflict resolutions and outcomes (how you approach conflict, short-term conflict resolutions, long-term conflict resolutions and unsolvable conflicts).
?Conflict and gender (demand-withdraw pattern).

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