Rehabilitation of prisoners

Prisons are supposed to act as correctional facilities for prisoners and as such, they are a necessary part of criminal justice of every state. In prison, prisoners are denied freedom through physical confinement. However, they still have the fundamental rights of humanity. As such, prisons should serve the sole purpose of rehabilitating prisoners. Although the justice system has been trying to rehabilitate prisoners so that they can be released back in to the community, this step has been facing a lot of challenges. The need for rehabilitation arises from a utilitarian emphasis for prisons to produce responsible members of society to ensure public security and reduction of risks once prisoners are released (Palmer 9). This has not been without challenges however, due to the punitive philosophy and the strict guidelines that go with imprisonment that make impossible for prisons to rehabilitate. This essay will focus on rehabilitation of prisoners and why it is important to the prisoners, the society and to the justice system.

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