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INSTRUCTIONS: Using the guidelines discussed in class and in chapter 4 of the course textbook, write a 10-15 page Literature Review for your project proposal. A successful Literature Review should provide a succinct summary and analysis of literature and research related to your project. In your discussion you should prove you understand the literature and offer an objective critique of its work. The literature examined should serve as a foundation for your work and a possible guide to what you plan to accomplish. The Literature Review is an obvious place where you need to properly cite your sources and avoid plagiarism. A successful Literature Review will draw on 10-20 sources and will be in manuscript format: double-spaced, numbered pages, indented paragraphs, in-text citations, a works-cited page, and 10-15 pages in length. AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SOURCES: When working on this chapter, choose sources that are both credible and relevant, and focus on material from a variety of different content areas. While you may certainly use reputable Internet sources as part of your research, at least seven of your references should be paper sources such as books or academic/professional journals. Also, avoid referencing general purpose encyclopedia sites (such as Wikipedia) in your work. Although sites like Wikipedia may be good starting points when searching for other research sources, the individual entries on such sites tend to deal with their subject matter on a surface level, and the information provided varies too dramatically in terms of quality and accuracy to be a reliable source of research. Focus instead on finding credible sources that will help persuade your readers that you have an in-depth understanding of the problem you’re proposing to solve. A successful Literature Review will: • Provide a clear opening section that identifies the Subject, Purpose, and Main Point(s) of the chapter. • Use research to illuminate the major causes and/or effects of the problem the author proposes to solve. • Use research to evaluate the pros and cons of a range of potential solutions. • Examine similar works or studies. • Provide a concise conclusion that reinforces the main points of the Literature Review and transitions to the Project Plan. GRADING CRITERIA Points Grammar and Mechanics 10 Concision, Clarity, and Fluency of Writing 10 Organization • Use of Headings • Complete, Well-Organized Paragraphs • Parallel Bullets, Headings 10 APA Format • Reference List • Correct In-Text Citation • Correct Manuscript Formatting 10 Use of Sources • 10-20 Appropriate Sources • Clear, Useful, and Relevant Summary and Analysis of Sources • Detailed Analysis of Causes and/or Effects of the Central Problem • Detailed Analysis of the Pros and Cons of Several Potential Solutions 20 TOTAL 60

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