Recommendations for JC Penney-Mid-Term exam

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I am taking “Strategic Management”, Book: Strategic Management Text & Case, Sixth Edition by Lumpkin Eisner Mc Namara
This is the Mid-term Exam, please create a set of recommendations for JC Peney.
1. Material suitable for a 7-10 minute presentation (12-15 pages, max, please–with page numbers)
2. Make explicit the audience to whom you would be presenting and any material assumptions.
3. There should be a clear story, making use of Q&A slide design.
4. Recommendations should be non-neutral, non-obvious, unambiguous, insightful and actionable.
5 Please include a simple implementation plan.
6. In general, err on the side of specific recommendations, robustly supported, as opposed to broad sweeping recommendations with less support. If you make a recommendation, back it up with date (including hypothetical/proforma data). Fox example, if you recommend store closings, what are the estimated costs, estimated benefits, and other important implications?
7. The choice as to what you treat as the problem/opportunity is up to you.
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