Realizing Strategy IV

As usual my assignment is 2 parts
Part 1 is in the attached file
APA style and references added
Part 2 will be 2 replies as comments on two sent later discussions (each reply 100 word)
as usual expert Randy Craig
and same as previous assignments $35

Document Preview:
Assignment 12: Part 1 For this week’s discussion, you will identify a strategy consulting group or company that advertises its services on the Internet. To prepare for your original post, study the strategy consulting organization’s products and services as presented on its website. Then, see if you can map the consulting organization’s products or services to key concepts covered in this course. In your original post, introduce the consulting company by name and website address and then explain what you found. Some questions that might help you formulate your thoughts include: What are the specific concepts that underlie the strategy consulting company’s products or services? Where does the strategy consulting firm concentrate its efforts within the processes of strategy assessment, formulation, decision making, implementation, and evaluation? What areas or services are covered by the strategy firm that are not linked in any way to content in MGT510? Be specific and use your textbook and outside sources to discuss the comparison and mapping. In follow-up comments to other students’ original posts, compare your findings to theirs. (that’s Part 2 when we reply to two discussions from colleagues each reply 100 words note that discussions will be sent after submitting part one from professor) Notes from professor everytime: Please make sure that your discussions are substantive in content. This means that your initial posting should be several paragraphs, and your follow up posts should be at LEAST a paragraph in length. Because we are looking for QUALITY and furthering the discussions, it is important that you are substantive in your responses.  You want to be sure, as well, that any sources used in your discussion are reliable, as some of the information from the internet can be unreliable or biased. A great technique to use to ensure reliable sources is to use the CSU Global Library and search the peer-reviewed journals.  The Grading Rubric for the…


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