Reaction paper #4 Due Nov. 5

Reaction paper #4 Due Nov. 5
Go to a mall or shopping area and look for any two advertisements you see and take a picture of them. Please label the time, location and brand of these advertisements and submit these images in a Word document to your instructor. Then, write 200-250 words to share with your classmates about what you observed. Since the picture will be descriptive, please go right ahead into the analysis and evaluative segments. What kind of ad was it and who was it targeting? Which advertisement seemed the most/least effective?
Reaction paper #5 Due Nov. 12
Please provide the URL to two broadcast advertisements from YouTube. Provide a description of each one that is between 200-250 words. Then, analyze the target audience. Then, evaluate how effective you think these advertisements were or were not, and why.
Reaction paper #6 Due Nov. 22
Please list three Instagram accounts you follow for their advertisements. Provide a description of each one that is between 100-150 words. Analyze their target audience and explain what you like about these advertisements, and why you think Instagram is a good (or bad) venue for them.
Reaction paper #7 Due Nov. 29
Please view the following two Rawekh ads. Describe what you observe, and then analyze the strategies employed by the advertisement to persuade its target audience. Finally, tell me what you might do differently if you we reproducing the ad in specifics (e.g., main message, slogan, images, or text).
Rawekh 1
Rawekh 2

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