Found in appendix A Home Depot 2009.

Calculate the current ratio for y/e 2/1/09 and y/e 1/31/10?

What were the diluted earnings per share for y/e 2/3/08?

What is the company policy regarding goodwill?

How many shares of common stock were outstanding at February 1, 2009? January 31, 2010?

Depreciation and amortization expense represented what percent of net earnings for y/e 2/1/09? Please carry to two places.

How much were the cash dividends per share in 2009? see year 10 summary

What is the company debt ratio for y/e 1/31/2010?

What are the useful lives the Company uses for estimating depreciation for Buildings, Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment, and Leashold Improvements?

What is the Company policy for the sale of and recognition of the revenue on gift cards?

What is the average square foot size of the Home Depot stores? Approximately how many different kinds of building materials and home improvement supplies does each store stock? How many stores was the company at the end of fiscal year 2009?

What were the net earnings at 2/1/09 and 2/3/08?

How many million shares of Treasury stock were there at 1/31/10 and 2/1/09?

What was the amount of recieveables due from customers at 11/31/10?

What was the total relating to production costs for print and broadcast advertising as well as sponsorship promotions for fiscal years 2009 and 2008?

In fiscal year 2009, what was the Company’s gross advertising expense?

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