Rapid Critical Appraisal for Randomized Clinical Trials

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Rationale for selecting Rapid Critical Appraisal checklist format
1. AretheResultsof theStudy Valid?
a. Were the subjects randomly assigned to the experimental and control group? (Yes/No/Unknown and supporting rationale)
b. Was random assignment concealed from the individuals who were first enrolling subjects into the study? (Yes/No/Unknown and supporting rationale)
c. Werethe subjects and providers blind to the study group? (Yes/No/Unknown and supporting rationale)
d. Were reasons given to explain why subjects did not complete the study? (Yes/No/Unknown and supporting rationale)
e. Were the follow-up assessments conducted long enough to fully study the effects of the intervention? (Yes/No/Unknown and supporting rationale)
f. Were the subjects analyzed in the group to which they were randomly assigned? (Yes/No/Unknown and supporting rationale)
g. Was the control group appropriate? (Yes/No/Unknown and supporting rationale)
h. Were the instruments used to measure the outcomes valid and reliable? (Yes/No/Unknown and supporting rationale)
i. Were the subjects in each of the groups similar on demographic and baseline clinical variables? (Yes/No/Unknown and supporting rationale)
2. What AretheResults?
a. How large is the intervention or treatment effect (NNT, NNH, effect size, level of significance)?
b. How precise is the intervention or treatment (CI)?
3. Willthe ResultsHelpMeinCaringforMy Patients?
a. Were all clinically important outcomes measured? (Yes/No/Unknown and supporting rationale)
b. What are the risks and benefits of the treatment?
c. Is the treatment feasible in my clinical setting? (Yes/No/Unknown and supporting rationale)
d. What are my patients/family’s values and expectations for the outcome that is trying to be prevented and the treatment itself?
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