radiation and unit conversion

In one year, a heavy smoker’s lungs are thought to absorb about 20 rem from polonium (a daughter isotope of the radioactive lead in tobacco smoke).

  1. How many years of high altitude flight is this equivalent to?  (1 pt)
  2. Assuming that the above number is based on 2 packs a day for a year, and each pack contains 25 cigarettes, how many hours of high altitude flight is the radiation from a single cigarette equivalent to? (2 pts)
  3. Express your answer to b in “banana equivalent units”.   (1 pt)

100 rem = 1 Sv

1,000,000 µSv = 1 Sv

1000 mRem = 1 Rem

1 hour flying = .238 mRem of cosmic radiation exposure


1 banana equivalent unit = 0.1 microsieverts.

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