PTSD in African Americans in the US Navy

PTSD belongs to a class of psychological problems known as anxiety disorders. It normally develops once a person has been exposed to an overwhelmingly stressful, shocking or terrifying event(What is PTSD?, 1997). Like other military personnel who are often involved in combat, the US Navy is also predisposed to PTSD as a result of the impacts of combat on mental stability. PTSD among the US Navy may also result from training accidents, terrorist attacks, assault, or being victims of physical or sexual abuse. It is noteworthy that an event that is traumatic for one person might not be traumatic for another person. This is because there are factors that determine the degree to which a person will experience an event as traumatic. For example, the likelihood of an event being perceived as traumatic is high if it was not expected to happen, one was not prepared for it, and if one felt powerless to control it. Victims of PTSD often feel unsafe and experience moments of sudden or prolonged anxiety(War-Related PTSD, n.d).

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