Programming Language Concepts

The following is questions on programming language concepts. I’ve attached images of the pages of the questions that have to be done from the textbook. Unfortunately, I can’t attach the right version of the textbook. Just do the questions listed below not all of the questions from the images.

1. Pages 442-445 (Problem Set),
questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

2. Page 486 (Problem Set)
questions 3, 5, 10,

3. Describe briefly the working principles of LISP.

4. Describe briefly the working principles of PROLOG.

5. Write both a LISP program and PROLOG program for
the following problems

a) find the length of a list
b) find the average of a list of numbers
c) combine two sorted lists into a sorted list
d) reverse a list.

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