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The privacy policy in our company dictates the manner in which the information we gather on our site is utilized and instances where we might share the information you provide to our company.


At we are determined to communicate to our clients the key ways we use the information they present to us as well as how we strive to protect their privacy. It is important that before using our services and site to comprehensively understand the terms of our privacy policy.

We customarily collect two types of information about You.

First is the information that identifies the customer including: ( full names, email, and phone number)

Second is the information that doesn’t entirely identify the customer including: ( type of browser or IP address)

The information provided to our company, is relayed, held and processed in the United States of America. We utilize the information provided to provide you with our services and website as well as generation of reports. On some occasions, Our company may reveal the information to third parties including promotional parties, agencies. Merchants, and third party service providers. In light of this, our company permits advertising networks to collect anonymous information on who to send their ads, and use said information to send you our advertisements and promotions.

To safeguard information provided onto us, We use secure socket layers to encrypt any kind of information. Any time you register with us you have the option and ability to correct or update information in our database. If you have any questions about privacy policy at feel free to contact us through email, chat or phone.

It is important to note that our services and Website are not designed suitable for use for children under the age of 13 years.

Our company reserves the right to change our privacy from time to time as we deem fit. It is therefore the responsibility of our customers to check our privacy policy periodically to review the changes. As soon as our company makes changes, we take time to email all our clients.


Our company collects two different forms of information including:

  1. The personally identifiable information.
  2. The Non-personally identifiable information


  1. The personally identifiable information includes any type of information that can be used to identify an individual. This information when a client chooses to register with us or when one chooses to participate in some of our interactive features such as review, promotion or survey. A customer may:

Provides His/Her full names, shipping/mail address, email address, payments/credit card number/ contact phone number when registering on our site.

Provide demographic information including the age, gender, preferences, and shopping interests when participating in our online surveys.

Customers are allowed to post general comments and recommendations on our site.


The two forms of information collected in our site is utilized in improving our site and the services we offer so that we have the ability to fulfill your requests, respond to any inquiries, and make us better in serving you in the future. At some point, we may disclose the information provided to us to third party service providers, Co-promotional partners for marketing purposes, participating merchants, or other users where you as a client choose to make comments, post reviews or any other kind of information relating to our services and products.

In addition, we use the non-personally identifiable information in analyzing patterns of traffic on our site, understand customer current needs and trends, and carry out targeted promotional activities.


Any information provided to our company is safeguarded using secure socket layers that encrypts any form of information our customers input. In addition our site is securely hosted in the United States, firewall protection, encryption, controlled access technology that protects all data that is in our site. In case of any security breach on our site, Our support team will work with urgency to inform you via email to restore the reasonable integrity and professionalism on our site.


If you register at, you will automatically have access to our customer section which includes registration information which you can update any time you log in. In case of any difficulties feel free to contact us using either email, chat or via phone. Additionally, if you wish to do so, you can delete your membership at However be notified that some of the information provided on our site is never deleted entirely and is retained in our back up system.


Our site and services are not intended to children under the age of 18 years. Additionally if you are below 18 years of age, you may only present information at our site with the involvement of a guardian or a parent.

Revision of our Privacy policy

At, we reserve the right to make changes on our privacy policy from time to time based on changing business practices in the academic writing industry. Upon occurrence of any changes, all our customers will be notified via email.


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