Principles of Management

Assignment Task
As a manger of an international company, discuss in detail four market entry strategies in which your company and its products would benefit from.
1, 500 words
Some recommended References for the Principles of Management Assignment (Year 0) 2013
1- Johnson, G.; Scholes, K. and Whittington, R. (2008) Exploring Corporate Strategy: Text and Cases. (8th ed) Pearson Education. (There are more recent versions of this book in the library (LRC) and in your e-book via Athens)
(You need to focus on chapter 8 entitled “International Strategy”).
2- Hill, C. (2011) International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace. (8th ed). McGraw-Hill.
(You need to focus on chapter 14 entitled “Entry Strategy and Strategic Alliances”).
3- Rugman, A. & Collinson, S. (2012) International Business. GB: Pearson Education
(This book is in your e-book collection via Athens)
Journal Articles
Buckley, P. and Casson, M. (1998) ‘Analysing foreign market entry strategies: extending the internalisation approach’, Journal of International Business Studies Vol. 29(3) pp. 539–561.
Buckley, P. and Ghauri, P. (2004) Globalisation, economic geography and the strategy of multinational enterprises. Journal of International Business Studies. Vol. 35, pp. 81–98
Meyer, E.; Estrin, S.; Bhaumik, S. and Peng, W. (2009) Institutions, resources and entry strategies in emerging economies. Strategic management journal, Vol. 30 (1) pp. 61-80.

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