Preventing Teenage Alcohol Abuse

This term paper analyzes a school-based intervention program for preventing teenage alcohol abuse. The school-based curricula’s main goal is to reduce or where possible eliminate alcohol abuse among teens. This project will take place in the classroom through 12 sessions. At the end of the project, the teens should possess enough knowledge about alcohol abuse to empower them to make their own decisions. The success of the project will be assessed through two follow-up surveys: one in each of the two years after the completion of the project. The project’s main challenges will emanate from bias in reporting and attrition, where the results are not likely to present the true situation of the teens. To mitigate these biases, a calculation based on each parameter will be used to make proper adjustments on the results. The project will influence social change by enhancing the bond between teens and society—that is, their fellow students, school, and the entire community.

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