Prepare request for proposal document

Prepare request for proposal document

This document will include all the requirements in HR processes and payroll to implement a full core system
This RFP it will send it to the selected vender to provide their proposal and we will select one of them base on the evaluation
The proposal should include all the process and requirements
This will be for HR within Bank sector so the proposal should have the bank need as HR and Payroll
It similar with other environment but as you know we have many kind of shifts for example which we need a system to calculate this shift and time and attendance
As below link this is one of the medical proposal (RFP) which filled of information but I need similar with your own thought and ideas
As my country law no need to include any withholding tax module in the RFP , also we have this bank only in one country,d.bGQ

The below image  is the HR module which I need you to write in details also I need to add the health insurance and performance management

Also ineed to include in the proposal the evaluation criteria and to include some graph , tables and chats

The rfp should include the scope and all above plus what you will add .

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