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The Emergence of a Neopopulist Opposition and President Felipe Calderón’s Response in Mexico


The significance of the research is to show the growing wave of Neopopulism in Latin America and how a Neoliberal head of state like Calderon maneuvers to establish their legitimacy and power. This study is important because it will attempt to demonstrate critical political, economic and social trends in Mexico and the government’s response to them. 


Many questions arise from the political crisis in Mexico of 2006 like “What changed in the President Fox’s administration(2000-2006)  in order to cause such a close election?”  The next question asked is “What caused the rise of Neopopulism in Mexico?,” and the most important question, “What was the President Felipe Calderón’s response to Neopopulism?” 



The research is organized in two sections (besides Introduction and Conclusions).  First, the examination of the causes of Neopopulism in Mexico during the administration of President Fox, and  second, the analysis of Felipe Calderón’s first two years as President and his policy responses to his diverse opposition, highlighting his “war on drugs.”.




1. Ellner, Steve. “The ‘Radical’ Thesis on Globalization.” Latin American Perspectives, 29.6 (2002): 88-93.

-The article analyzes Neoloberalism and Neopopulism in Latin America. It includes examples on Mexico.


2. Soldán, Edmundo Paz. “Deconstructing Dictators.” Foreign Policy, 130 (2002): 88+90.

-The article analyzes information regarding Latin American’s perceptions of the idea of implementing Democracy. While the idea is still prevalent, many communities are moving away from the full support they once gave.


3.. http://lanic.utexas.edu/subject/government/

-The online database includes government links, which provide information on: statutes, civil life and other important detailed information on Mexico.


4. http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2012/09/2012924161142315212.html

-This article highlights important information regarding Felipe Calderon’s background. It also reports on findings concerning achievements and criticism.


5. http://www.hrw.org/news/2012/07/17/mexico-concentration-and-abuse-power

-The research done by the Human Rights Watch chronicles human rights violations . Many are based on restriction of speech and liberty to criticize the governmen

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