Policy Memo Assignment

Policy Memo Assignment
ICN Fall 2015

Please read through these instructions in their entirety and feel free to be in touch with questions.

PLEASE NOTE DUE DATE: Wednesday, 10 November, by email by 11PM.

? You are a policy advisor to the president of your chosen conflict country. This is your (6- pages, double-spaced) memo to the president that advises him / the state as to how to best address the conflict in your country – toward ending violence and building peace, from that state’s perspective.
? The idea is to get in the head of the state, building on your knowledge of the opposition’s perspective from the first assignment.
? You must have a minimum of fifteen sources for this paper, at least ten of which are new to this paper. At least six of these must be a book, an academic journal article, NGO, or think-tank report of substance (not an op-ed or blog post). Additionally, you must use two government documents (as part of the ten new sources); this can be a report, a press release, a transcript of a speech or legislation. (I’m open to other formats, just check with me first.)
? You must cite all information that is not a common fact (using endnotes and a bibliography).
? You must use headings in your memo, but they need not reflect the organization of questions below. It’s about a cohesive, organized memo with good flow.
? You are encouraged to be creative – think outside the box – but you must be realistic as to what your state would or would not do in the present climate.

? Briefly provide an overview of the conflict (from the state’s perspective).
? What are the key objectives of your state with regard to the conflict?
? What are the core issues impeding transformation of the conflict away from violence (from the state’s perspective)?
? How is violence used within the conflict, by whom, and to what end (you can include the state but keep in mind you are the state)?
? What are the challenges presented by the use of violence in your conflict?
? What roles can your state play in ending violence?
? How long will this take?
? Can the opposition actors using violence be negotiated with? Why/why not?
? How has your state responded to violence perpetrated by the opposition and to what effect?
? What are your key recommendations, as an advisor to the president, for ending violence and building sustainable peace?

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