Australian College of Kuwait

School of Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Assignment 1: Set up basic pneumatic circuits


(Date Due: 29/11/2015)


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Unit code & title W5263  – Set up basic pneumatic circuits
National number MEM30010A
School/Division School of Engineering / Mechanical Engineering
Learning Outcomes tested 1,2,3


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Assignment 1: Set up basic pneumatic circuits[30 marks]


Submission Date: Sunday 29/11/2015 before 12:00 noon


Problem description:

Consider the following pneumatic press system. The system start by pushing the start button and for safety reason, other requirements are needed to start (Refer to table below). The activation of each of the remaining actuators is done automatically. A linear actuator “A” is used to transport the solid material “SM” below the press. Two linear actuators “B” and “C” are used to clamp the solid material “SM”. Actuator “D” is used as a press. Sa0, Sa1, Sb0, Sb1, Sc0, Sc1, Sd0, Sd1 are mechanically operated rollers.

The weight of SM is 50 kg, the friction factor in sliding area in front of actuator “A” is 0.3. The clamp will require a 10kN force and the press D will require a force of 15kN to compress “SM”.

  1. Calculate the pressure needed by each actuator and cylinder diameters to achieve the required function. Show calculations.
  2. Select as many as needed pressure relief valves based on 110% pressure limit.
  3. Design a pneumatic circuit with logic and sequential elements that fulfills all the safety and functional requirements.
  4. Use Autocad to draw the pneumatic circuit.












Side View
Top View




Actuator Direction Activation Sequences
A Forward Push start, Sa0, Sb0, Sc0 and Sd0 active
A Backward Sd1 active
B Forward Sd0 and Sa1 active
B Backward Sd1 active
C Forward Sd0 and Sa1 active
C Backward Sd1 active
D Forward Sb1 and Sc1 active
D Backward Sd1 active and delay


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