Please answer the following four questions. Each answer should be 4 pages long (total ~8 pages).

Please answer the following four questions. Each answer should be 4 pages long (total ~8 pages). The best answers will be acombination of personal analysisand readingsfromMichaelWalzer Just and Unjust Wars (ISBN: 9780465037070) any edition is acceptable but I recommend 4th edition. Cite sources only from the book.Answering from other chapters in this book is approved
Question 1
Chapter 4, 9, 18
What is Walzer’s “theory of aggression”? How does Walzer modify that theory in the section of the book on “jus ad bellum,” and why does he feel it needs modification? Walzer clearly thinks that some of the facts of the “real world” force us to modify the basic “legalist paradigm” of aggression…do you find his arguments convincing? How might we analyze the pros and cons of the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan through Walzer’s theory of aggression?
Question 2
Chapter 3, 8, 11, 12, 14 16, 18
Imagine yourself asUS Army Officer in Afghanistan. You take fire from a village. You can risk the lives of the men and women under your command by telling them to enter the village and carefully separate the insurgents (if they’re there) from the civilians; or you can call in an airstrike. Which do you do? What would Walzer say about your decision? Why would he say that…what is his logic (which is closely tied to his combatant/noncombatant distinction)? What do you think YOU would do, and why? (** I’m less interested in the specifics of the situation, than the moral reasoning you use to address the problem Also, don’t forget the literature on guerilla war could be used here.**)

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