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Students will propose an original research study to address an issue or problem in the area of social psychology. Please note that the study will not actually be conducted. The proposal should include an introduction section (which introduces the topic area and past relevant research), a section that describes the research methods (that is, how the study would be conducted), an anticipated results section, a brief discussion section that addresses the potential implications of the study, and a references section (which lists the sources of all of the material cited in the proposal). Contact your tutor if you are unsure whether your topic is in the area of social psychology. You must also ensure that your proposal has not been submitted, including parts of the submission, for any other unit previously. It must be an entirely new submission. The research proposal must follow the conventions for scholarly writing adopted in the sixth edition of the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (APA, 2010). Additional resources will be provided to help students complete the research proposal, including how to begin researching the topic of interest, and how to write the proposal using APA style.

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