Personality theory: a case of intellectual and social isolation?

Ehrenreich analyzed the constructs of personality theories in psychology and the strength of the foundation offered to students, through an evaluation of textbooks pertinent to this field. His scope of analysis, which was personality theories textbooks, was based on the fact that they serve as fundaments of the understanding that students advance with into the practice. With regards to this, Ehrenreich began by stating central definitions of personality theory according to literature before using this to provide a comparative analysis of textbook focus on the topic. For this particular study, the author thoroughly examined 15 personality theory undergraduate textbooks published between 1991-1995. Additionally, Ehrenreich conducted an overview analysis of pertinent journals that would provide comprehensive views of personality theory findings deemed as current at that time. From this analysis, Ehrenreich (draws his conclusion that textbooks are not exhaustive in their introductory focus and are plagued with imperative omissions and inconsistencies that undermine its contributions to the field of psychology.

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