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The goal of this paper is to help you analyze your self-perception and your perception of the world around you. This paper is based on the concepts presented in chapter 2 of your textbook and must include terms and concepts from the book. The paper is worth 30 points and is broken into 5 categories each worth 5 possible points and another 5 points will be given under the category of writing. The areas of discussion are:

§ Discuss your own self-concept and self-esteem. Who do you see yourself as? How has that developed? Who or what influenced the development of your self-concept and self-esteem? How do you feel about who you are?

§ Are your self-concept and self esteem accurate? Do you see areas of incongruence? Have you or someone close to you ever created a self-fulfilling prophecy? You can also discuss filtering messages or media images

§ How do you think your culture/upbringing/or gender affected your self-concept?

§ The reasons we assign to other people’s behavior (attributions) can greatly affect how we perceive them. Are there people in your life for whom you may need to reevaluate the attributions you’ve assigned? Take into account emotional states and the different types of perceptions.

Have your perceptions of others always been accurate? Have you had unfair stereotypes or prejudices that upon further review prove to be untrue? Take into account selective perception and forced consistency


§ Writing- Your paper should be well edited, clear and concise. I would expect it to take between 1500-2000 words to adequately cover this topic.

I will be posting a link for you to submit your papers the week it is due. You should write your paper in Microsoft Word or some other word processing program. You will then copy and paste the paper into the link I provide.

and our text book is COMM 4. Verderber, Verderber & Sellnow, Wadsworth Cengage Learning, you can find it on AMAZON, and it have 7 days free ebook reading, and you have to download the kindle app. feel free to ask me any questions.

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