Orally Article Review

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Paper 1:

Orally Article Review:
For this assignment you will review a single scholarly article  in the APUS Library and summarize what it says about a specific infant and toddler disorder of your choice (Infantile Autism, Tay-Sachs Disease, Sickle Cell Anemia and Cerebral Palsy are some examples).  This 2-3 page paper must be a review of scholarly research, not commercial Psychology Today, Wikipedia or WebMD style publications or self-help or parent support organization material (the latter is very valuable to families in need of easy to digest and access information, but isn’t applicable to this assignment).

Specific Instructions for this assignment can be found in the attached document. The grading rubric is listed below.

IMPORTANT: A Turnitin Originality Report will be generated for this assignment. Additional information on Turnitin can be found in the Student Services section of the APUS Library. .

Grading Rubric for this Assignment

Grading Rubric
Topic   Possible points Points earned
Introduction/Description of Disorder 20

Appropriate Journal Article Selected 10

Article Summary
–          Focus of the research  5
–          Description of hypothesis 5
–          Description of how study was conducted  10
–          Description of results  5

Review of article
–          Potential problems of methodology  10
–          Three ideas inspired in you by the article  10
–          Description of the impact of the research  10

Writing Mechanics  10
APA format            5



Paper 2:
The ideal setting for childcare

what constitutes an ideal childcare setting for a 6 month old?

Course Objectives Addressed

5. Demonstrate the ability to research a controversial topic in the field, and come to an evidence-based conclusion.

Description of assignment

Suppose you were seeking a child-care setting for your 6-month-old baby. What would you want it to be like, and why? Address issues such as (but not limited to):

Physical setting
Personnel qualifications
Health, safety, and nutrition
Mental, emotional, and cognitive stimulation
Support your opinions with citations from at least three academic sources (not websites or popular press).

Format : Word document with separate title page and reference list, not included in the word count

Length :  1200-1500 words

Grading Rubric

Student grade

The paper addresses the issues specified by the assignment


The author shows insight and sophistication in thinking and writing


Paper was well organized and easy to follow. Paper was the required length. Cover page, paper body, citations and Reference list were in the correct APA format, and not included in the word count.


Few to no spelling, grammar, punctuation or other writing structure errors




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