open book exam i need a cheat sheet

this is the book name for my exam
Textbook: Mike Peng, Global Business, 3rd ed., South-Western Cengage Learning

i choce uk and libya

The exam might use the following two Kuwaiti companies as examples of the industry which the questions will focus on.

Americana (consumer foods own brands, not franchised restaurants)

NBK Capital (this is a branch of NBK, but not banking)

You should know what these industries are, but the questions will not ask anything specific about what these companies currently doBUS321 exam1 topics, Chapters 1-6 + selected readings


institutions and international business

political systems

economic systems

legal systems

property rights

corporate governance

informal institutions and international business





resources and capabilities

using VRIO



trade theories
comparative advantage
product life cycle
strategic trade
national competitive advantage of industries

trade barriers

trade deficit / trade surplus

forms of FDI


advantages of FDI (O-L-I)

national institutions & FDI

benefits and costs of FDI

Each exam will have one question (your choice of two) about topics from this list. You should understand the concepts and how they work in international business, you should be able to apply the concepts to discussion of your group’s two countries, and you should be able to discuss how a Kuwaiti company could operate in your two countries, focusing on issues related to these topics.

you should be using at least the following three sources:

Heritage Foundation.2015 Index of Economic Freedom.
know the data about Kuwait and your two countries

Hofstede’s site
know the data about culture in Kuwait and your two countries

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.World Investment Report 2015
know the investment patterns in your two countries

World Economic Forum, The Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015.
know the data about institutions in Kuwait and your two countries

note that data from these sources is necessary, but often not sufficient, to have a good discussion about aspects of your countries. You should also research on your two countries regarding issues discussed in the book chapters, especially if the topic is listed here.



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