One of the most fascinating features of the global economy is that governments have such.

One of the most fascinating features of the global economy is that governments have such different ideas about what makes for a dynamic business climate, and so do other elements of society. Of course, these ideas and the government policies that go with them shape the threats, opportunities, and hurdles faced by firms at home and abroad. Please complete an 1,800-2,000 word analytical paper that addresses the following question:

In what ways, if at all, will the implementation of Australia’s “Carbon Tax” affect the strategies of firms located in Australia and their domestic and international competitiveness? Use corporate examples from selected industries and countries to support your argument.

Your report will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Word count requirement: 1,800-2,000 words.

Content:1. A clear, informative introduction and well summarised conclusion with the key elements of your argument.

2. Good understanding of different elements of national/international business environments, of how government policies can influence their country’s competitiveness, and what the implications are for firms. 3. Use sufficient and appropriate material and apply relevant concepts/perspectives/theories to effectively support the key points. 4. A clear logical flow between paragraphs and demonstrate the ability to critically reflect upon key ideas/issues. 5. Written skills covering the integration of content and literature.

Format:1. Use appropriate academic writing format. Make sure the writing is easy to read but avoid looking like a list of bullet points. This is not a business report. You do not need to write an Executive Summary. A coherent answer to the questions is what the lecturer will be looking for. 2. Attach any relevant appendices to the assignment. 3. Source material should be correctly identified and referenced. APA style of citing references is required.

Useful references

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Recommended Magazines and Journals: Economist Far Eastern Economic Harvard Business Review International Business Review International Business Journal International Marketing Journal of International Business and Economics Pacific Business

Recommended Websites: Australian Bureau of Statistics Intelligence Agency www.cia.govFar Eastern Economic Review (replaced with Asian Wall Street Journal website) Department of Foreign Affair and Trade Edge www.globaledge.msu.eduThe Economist

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