Nursing Term Paper

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• Select a topic of interest that you wish to explore (see Appendix A). You may choose to explore a topic that is not listed; however, you must get approval from your professor in writing prior to the start of this assignment.
• There may be a limitation to the number of students allowed to write about each topic.
• Research literature and theory should be utilized to support the paper. A minimum of 3 scholarly journal articles must be utilized to support the paper. At least 2 of the 3 articles must come from the nursing literature. One article must be a research article related to the topic. A Standard of Practice or Best Practice Guideline may be used as one of the articles.
• The body of the essay will be a maximum of five (5) pages in length, double spaced (12 font), excluding title page, reference list, and appendices.

Essay Components

• Title Page
• Introduction
o Clearly describe the topic/issue and its relevance to pediatric nursing. Develop and articulate clear thesis statement to explore within the paper.
• Discussion of scholarly articles
o Summarize and discuss the information from the selected articles as it relates to your thesis statement. Discuss the relevance to the topic.
• Nursing implications
o Discuss the implications of the evidence to nursing practice.
o Select three Bevis’ nursing tools: Caring, Communication, Problem-solving/decision-making, Teaching, Leadership/Planned Change, Research, or Advocacy. Using the three tools, discuss how the evidence from the three articles selected support the strategies used in nursing practice.
o Three Bevis’ tools must be discussed.
• Conclusion
o Provide a clear, concise summary of your findings and implications
• References
o Include all sources cited in the paper.
o APA 6th edition format (second print)

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