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Reasons schools Assign Capstone Project for Bachelor of Nursing Program

Nursing Institutions always engage their students in a capstone project for a bachelor of a nursing program in their final year of study. A capstone project is more than research, so you will need more time and resources to finish it. It also means coming up with an outcome, performance or a presentation in the class for your lecturer to evaluate whether you can apply all you learned in a real-life situation and also provide solutions to problems raising in the health services. The schools engage the students in capstone project because of the following reasons;

  1. To enhance Critical Thinking.

Nursing students usually go through a broad scope of theory work in their course work. The work doesn’t mean that the student is ready for the outside career experience as a nurse. The student is given the capstone so that they can be able to critically think and come up with a solution to the problem they encounter in their field. They should learn to be innovative in their as the capstone help them to look for valid evidence and solutions that can be helpful to the society and the nursing career.

  1. Helps to Develop Writing Skills and Public Speaking Skills.

When writing a capstone project for a bachelor of nursing program, you will have to follow some guidelines and instructions which the advisor will approve before accepting your work. You should also understand that your writing skills should be excellent and to proficiency for you to get good grades. Through writing the project, you sharpen your skills as you can get in contact with your instructor in case of corrections. The Capstone also has to be presented in class, and the student should have the confidence to convince the lecture and the other students that they own their work through good presentation. This will not only award good grades but also help build speaking skills needed in their career. A nurse should be able to address people publicly without fear and fluently.

  1. Acting as the Crown of a Nursing Student.

When students complete writing the capstone project for a bachelor of nursing program, they gain a lot of experience and also can be able to solve any problem they encounter in their career life.The students can also come up with problem-solving skills which can help the society not just their course work. The capstone is a reflection of maturity in the nursing field and shows that the student is ready for crowning. A capstone project is aproof that you are done with your degree, and you are ready to join the market career. This is the reason schools provide the course program as the last in the course.

Now, you understand the reason your school will give you essays and simple research papers to write in your first years. They purpose on evaluating the student’s potentials, abilities, knowledge, and skills learned in their course.

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