Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

3 Categories of Bachelors of Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

The biggest challenge for a nursing student is how to get a nursing capstone which the advisor will accept and approve. A Bachelor of Nursing capstone project ideas is paramount in the capstone program as it is the first step one should accomplish to start writing their project and enable the lecturer to assess their knowledge and skills through a political solution. A capstone will show how the student can apply their theory learned to solve problems in the nursing field. There are three broad categories in the nursing field where the student can get project ideas namely;

  1. Management Category.

When choosing a bachelor nursing capstone ideas from the management part of this nursing course, you will have to look into topics and issues which deal with the smooth running of the hospital .These are issues like leadership, acquisition of resources, how the fund’s area managed, the welfare of patients and all the regulations and rules in the hospital. Some of the management ideas include how medical emergencies are handled, are there enough personnel, ambulances, and machines to help patients, who are responsible and what measures can be taken to solve this problem. Ideas like less personnel are in hospitals, few beds in the ICU unit. The effects of using computers in keeping records all lie in the management and the student writing on this should identify the problem and help the managers, leaders and also the government help bring some changes in those gaps. The importance of writing on management also helps improve the quality and safety of the patients as well as a healthy working environment.

  1. The Clinical Category.

If you choose bachelor nursing project ideas from this section, then you will be expected to identify problems in the treatment of patients. What are some of the challenges patients go through in the course of getting treatment and how can they get solutions. The ideas can include improving pain management for patients in the care unit. The idea should give solutions on the use of anesthetic, looking for more powerful painkillers and nurses to attend them regularly to observe the reaction of painkillers. Other clinical ideas can be on the use of probiotics to prevent antibiotic causing diarrhea, how some immunizations help in healing some diseases like pneumonia, measles, and the effects of chemotherapy on the patients and why quinine can cause kidney failure in some patients. Clinical are more of the critical parts of nursing and help in urging for scientific intervention on some problems with treatment and medicine and will also assist in deciding who can take a particular medication or treatment.



  1. The Educative Category.


An idea from the educative perspective aim at giving information to the audience on better health care’s measures and prevention which the society should put in action. These can include campaign and awareness on some disease or our leaving habits which can affect our health. Bachelor in Nursing project ideas like the effect of obesity on children, the causes of high numbers of breast cancer, what causes chronic obstruction pulmonary disease will help the community with the information, and they will understand measures to take to prevent or cure the disease.



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