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COMP247 Data Communications Assignment 2, 2014: Network Technologies Due 6pm, Monday 26th May 2014. Submission Submit your assignment in the COMP247 assignment box located in the ground floor of E6A Building. Please do not include a copy of this assignment sheet (i.e. questions) with your submission. Keep it for your own purposes. Objectives This assignment has been designed to test the following areas: ? Wireless network technologies ? Wide Area networking technologies ? Internet Access Technologies ? Backbone Technologies Note ? All assumptions must be stated clearly in your answers. ? The explanations you provide do not have to be long, concise is preferred to wandering. They do need to present your case clearly. Questions 1. Wireless Networks [10 marks] Consider a warehouse that is 60m by 30m. Wireless networking is required so that up to 20 staff members working in the warehouse can track stock movements and perform stock checks using mobile devices. (a) [4 marks] Assume that the useful range of WiFi within the warehouse will be 15m radius. Design a simple layout of omnidirectional antennas to cover the entire warehouse. Show the channel to be assigned to each antenna, taking care to minimise interference between the coverage areas. Briefly explain any key design decisions you have made. [1 diagram, up to 150 words] (b) [3 marks] Which WiFi flavour (a, b, g, n, ac, ad, or other) would you recommend for this new installation? Discuss the options and justify your choice. [Up to 200 words] (c) [3 marks] Would you recommend security for this network, and if so, what type of security? Discuss the options and justify your choice. [Up to 200 words] 2. Backbone Networks [10 marks] A backbone network can be constructed as a switched backbone, a routed backbone or a VLAN backbone. Each of these approaches has its advantages and disadvantages. (a) [6 marks] Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. [Up to 400 words] (b) [2 marks] Describe an example of…


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