Need a 15 slide power point pretension for startup plan

Who can make me a 15 slide power point presentation for a business Upload a presentation (Not exceeding 15 slides) of your idea, mentioning the following things:
What is your Idea?
What problem is it solving?
How is your Idea different?
Is it scalable? If yes why do you think it is scalable?
What amount of investment are you looking for?
When will you reach breakeven? (Optional)
What are your challenges? How do you plan to overcome it?
Who are your customers?
Tell us about your team? (In 1 to 3 sentences)
Tell us about a bit about yourself. ((In 1 to 3 sentences)
Tell us about a time when you had to overcome a major challenge and how you did it?
For deatils and price please contact me

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