National Competitiveness

the writer should do what is asked in the assignment guide and shouldn’t be very professional when writing the project. there will be 2 parts for this project ; 1 in word and 1 in excel.

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CBM 600 project guide Fall 2013, Professor Puia Forecasting competitiveness The semester project is a four-page, data driven analysis on the question of national competitiveness. You will be asked to explore issues that people consider when talking about the factors that lead a nation to competitive advantage (the ability for one country’s firms to outperform rivals in a different country). You may complete the project as an individual or in teams of two students. If you are a 2 student team, you need to add one country (Germany) and increase your discussion to 6 pages. Detailed instructions for the project are as follows: 1. Analyze five countries: China, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United States in terms of the current “national competitiveness” (ability for their businesses to compete well in the global arena). a. Review data from the following sources: i. CIA factbook World Economic Forum-Global Competitiveness Report iii. World Bank – Doing Business studies ( iv. Comtrade ( v. Demographic data from the the UN (World Development Indicators) vi. Economic Value of Natural Resource rents vii. National debt as a percentage of GDP b. Select the 10 indicators that you think are most important in determining competitiveness c. Rank order your indicators and assign a percentage to them (total of all ten items must equal 1) d. Using an Excel spreadsheet, rescale each of our indicators on a scale from 1 to 100. e. Develop an index that allows you to compare your five countries on the weighted same scale f. Rank order your results 2. Write a 3-4 page summary of your findings to answer the question, “Which of…


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