National Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign Advocacy Strategy

Breastfeeding has raised chief concerns within the United States for the previous years. Consequently, breastfeeding advocacies have emerged to inform and address the concern, amid them the NBAC (National Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign). This research paper presents an assessment on NBAC’s advertisement campaign on breastfeeding in 2004. The objective is to offer a critical analysis of the campaign. Various aspects obliged NBAC to embark on this approach, with a chief objective of educating women on the risks associated with not breastfeeding. A further analysis on the outcomes of the campaign is evident. Major findings portray that the campaign was a failure owing to its non-exhaustive solutions to counteract the low rates of breastfeeding in the United States. Hence, recommendations emphasize that such campaigns broaden their research and scope of target to accomplish successful results.

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